Tristel plc Virtual Shareholder Open Day 2020

Paul Swinney – CEO

Dear Tristel Shareholder,

We are unable to meet together in Snailwell as we have these past four years. This Summer, we were planning to host our Open Day at our new warehouse and office, but that will have to wait for 2021.

Instead, all we can do is attempt to replicate the format we have so successfully and enjoyably used in the past: via a Virtual Tour of your Business.

What we suggest you do is follow the number sequence of the sessions set out below and click on as many as you wish. Each has a title which describes the content and a clock which shows the duration.

Please click here to view the Stock Exchange announcement that we released on the morning of 22 July.

In Session 1, Liz will take you through a financial review of the year. Then we move on to topics of special interest presented by our colleagues. Finally, if you still have the time and energy, I have a few words to say about the Company’s outlook in Session 6, and also explain how you can ask questions of us and how we will respond.

The very best,


Session 1
Financial Review: Year ended 30 June 2020

Liz Dixon FD πŸ•’ 10 Minutes

Session 2
The Importance of Science to Sales

Florence Rowe & Dr. Craig Meyers πŸ•’ 12 Minutes

Session 3
Innovation in Medical Device Decontamination

Esther Jansen πŸ•’ 6 Minutes

Session 4
Meet Our Overseas Managing Directors

Overseas Managing Directors πŸ•’ 8 Minutes

Session 5
The Cache Collection

Elanor Dixon πŸ•’ 6 Minutes

Session 6
Looking To The Future

Paul Swinney πŸ•’ 6 Minutes

If you have any questions please put them into an email and send them to
If you would like to talk further with any of our team, call Jody on 01638 721500 to book a slot, provide your email address and phone number, and tell us how you would prefer we contact you; by phone or Teams (video). Dependent upon how many enquiries we get this may take a day or two, but we will be in touch.

Many thanks and see you next year.

Everyone at Tristel

For a compilation of all the questions received during the open day, with Tristel responses, please click here.